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Protection for concrete infrastructure.

Rubberit LRSA Coatings CreteSafe  is ideally suited for waterproofing many different types of concrete structures and can be used in a restorative and repair capacity or to waterproof a new structure. CreteSafe  combination of excellent adhesion and elasticity enables it to be applied to surfaces having complex geometry or surfaces that are irregular. CreteSafe flows into even the smallest cracks and fissures providing a seamless membrane that resists water penetration.

Valatone drylarvalatone drylar wall

CreteSafe  is a two-component spray applied system that sets rapidly and cures within 24 hours.

CreteSafe  is an elastomeric asphalt emulsion that is applied using a specially designed pump delivery system. Rubberit provides technical training to contractors to ensure error-free application.

Contractors using  Rubberit’s application techniques and equipment achieve greater productivity than is possible with competing systems. Typically a two-man crew will be able to waterproof 8,000 sq.ft. in a single shift, including clean-up. All the equipment a contractor needs to apply CreteSafe  fits into a small trailer. Contractors find it easy to get to and start a job.

valotone drylar foundation valatone drylar foundation 2

A quantum improvement over conventional solvent based dampproofing, CreteSafe  spray applied membranes provide a tough flexible seal to the concrete and one that is self-healing.

Foundations protected with CreteSafe  resist damage from backfilling, a problem for some pre-formed membranes. CreteSafe also provides excellent performance in preventing water getting between the barrier and the foundation wall surface because it adheres directly to the walls and will not peel or flake off over time.

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