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Metal Safe

A seamless, self-healing membrane for metal protection.

The excellent adhesion and elastomeric properties of MetalSafe  prevents the membrane from tearing or separating from even rusted metals. Excellent for pipe protection.

MetalSafe  applied over metal to waterproof and provide corrosion protection.

Spray applied MetalSafe  seals complex profiles, producing a seamless waterproof membrane, protecting metal from water corrosion.

MetalSafe  is applied as a protective liner in steel tanks, culvers and wastewater systems . MetalSafe  is specially formulated to withstand chemical corrosion from a wide range of materials.

valotone vezlar pipesvalatone vezlar thing

Applied using specially designed spray equipment, MetalSafe  protects metal shipping containers from the ravishes of salt water spray.

The equipment needed by the contractor to apply MetalSafe  has been specially modified by Liquid Rubber Industries to meet the requirements of applying polymer and elastomeric asphalt emulsion. This equipment is compact and easy to transport and set up at the job site.

MetalSafe  also can withstand a wide range of agressive chemical influence and act as a protection layer for metal containers.

Tank trucks carry liquid calcium chloride for use in dust suppression and de-icing applications across the country and are subject to chemical reactions leading to weakening of the aluminum tank shell and creating leaks from holes and cracks. Unprotected aluminum tanks in this service are subject to corrosion damage shortening their useful life whereas when coated with MetalSafe , these tanks can easily last 50% longer.

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MetalSafe  produces a seamless rubberized coating that strongly adheres to the aluminum tank walls. Both the high bonding strength and MetalSafe’s superior elasticity and elastic recovery means the product will not chip or peel from the metal surface, providing years of protection.

MetalSafe  is also an environmentally safe product. Because there are no VOC or organics that can leach out of the coating, it is an ideal protective coating for tankers who’s products are applied in the environment.

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Metal Roofs

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