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Rubberit’s application equipment.

Contractors using  Rubberit’s application techniques and equipment achieve greater productivity than is possible with competing systems. Typically a two-man crew will be able to waterproof 10,000 sq.ft. of roof in a single shift, including clean-up.

All the equipment a contractor needs fits into a small trailer. Contractors find it easy to get to and start a job.

HVLP 2000 Pump Maintenance.

The Rubberit pump system is a High Volume Low Pressure Pump (H.V.L.P. 2000) which consists of a 6 HP Honda Gas Motor/110 Volt Electric Motor and two Comet H.V.L.P. pumps, driven by belts and calibrated by pressure with tip sizes to give the correct ratio. The pump is capable of delivering 5 gallons per minute (G.P.M.)

valotone pump 1valotone pump 2 valotone pump 3

valotone pump 4valotone pump 5

As in any pump system, continual maintenance on a regular schedule is always advised; the H.V.L.P. 2000 pump system is no exception.

R-08 Spray Gun

The R-08 Gun features a strong urethane-coated handle with a comfortable trigger grip. The R-08 guns are specially designed so that only the inlet body, tip retainer, and orifice tip come in contact with the liquid components. Capable of handling pressures up to 1000 p.s.i., the spray gun comes complete with all necessary adapters and a maintenance kit.

valotone spraygunvalotone spaygun 2

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