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Commercial Applications

Brush-on, SprayGrade

Conventional Roof Waterproofing

New construction and re-waterproofing projects benefit with Rubberit Top Coat  used for waterproofing by providing a seamless and fully adhered membrane which avoids the problems of leaks associated with factory manufactured sheeting. A durable industrial roof waterproofing membrane Rubberit Top Coat can be top coated with Rubberit Top Coat where a colored finished roof surface is required.

CreteSafe  Brush-on Sealer

Inter-floor Waterproofing

Providing waterproofing for floor structures in wet areas such as bathrooms, shower areas and kitchens, Rubberit Spray Grade is applied using an airless spray pump or Rubberit Brush-on Sealer is applied using a conventional roller to fully seal between the floor sub-deck and the finished flooring. Both options provide a seamless and fully adhered waterproofing layer for the flooring assembly.


CreteSafe , Brush-on Sealer

Waterproofing Parking Decks

Rubberit CreteSafe  prevents water and corrosion damage to parking deck structures when used as an inter-liner between the concrete superstructure and the parking surface. For smaller areas brush application of Rubberit Brush-on Sealer is recommended.

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