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Industrial Applications

SealRoof (Top Coat) SealRoof Spray Grade

Factory roofing

Rubberit Spray Grade  applied as an ‘instant-setting’ liquid rubber applied membrane provides cost effective waterproofing for all types of roof construction including metal. Sprayed using a high volume – low pressure pump system, contractors can waterproof 500 sq.m. of roof surface per day. The cured Rubberit Spray Grade membrane resists damage from salt water, acid rain, sun’s ultraviolet radiation and wind.

Rubberit  SealRoof (Top Coat) can be applied as a topcoat over Rubberit Spray Grade where an energy efficient colour roof waterproofing membrane is desired.

SealRoof A-100 MetalSafe B-300

Secondary containment tanks and ponds

Rubberit MetalSafe  and SealRoof (Top Coat) surface coating and pond liners are elastomeric spray on coatings with excellent durability, excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance. Different formulas have been developed to cover a very wide variety of requirements from surface hardness to elongation. The liners can be applied over a wide range of plastic and geo textiles creating a fully adhered and seamless membrane to prevent leaks.

On containment walls  Rubberit MetalSafe  protects the concrete surface from water, waterborne and chemical contaminants. Its low permeability, excellent adhesion and elasticity make it ideal to prevent water damage and bridge stress cracks in the concrete.

SealRoof (Top Coat),  CreteSafe, CreteSafe Texture

Process Floor and Warehouse

Applied over concrete flooring in process and warehouse facilities, Rubberit SealRoof (Top Coat) provides a protective wear-resistant coating which resists acids found in mineral extraction processing. Applied over worn flooring Rubberit SealRoof (Top Coat) fills cracks and damage areas, restoring a new floor look.

Where greater traction is required, Rubberit CreteSafe Texture containing a ‘grit’ additive, is recommended. Both coatings are salt and oil resistant.  Rubberit CreteSafe  is applied as a topcoat over either  Rubberit SealRoof  or CreteSafe Texture enhances resistance to staining and tracking.

SealRoof MetalSafe

Process Storage Tanks

MetalSafe  easily adheres to any metal surface including low carbon steel, galvanized metal, and rusted metal.  Rubberit MetalSafe  creates seamless waterproof barrier on metal surfaces and is an excellent guard against corrosion: both preventing rust on new surfaces and preventing further corrosion on already affected areas. Rubberit MetalSafe  is safe to apply is non-flammable and is water-based containing no solvents.

Rubberit MetalSafe  can be used as the finish coating or can be part of a two-part system using a topcoat of  Rubberit SealRoof  to provide a tough coloured surface.

MetalSafe, Brush-on Sealer

Structural Metal

Spray or brush applied Rubberit's Liquid Rubber products protects ferrous metal support members from rust and corrosion by completely sealing the surface from air and water. Rubberit MetalSafe  is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, water and airborne acids. A liquid applied coating,  Rubber MetalSafe  and  Rubberit Brush-on can seal the most complex structural geometries.


Building Foundation Waterproofing

For cement block or poured concrete foundations, Rubberit Spray grade SealRoof  provides a seamless and fully adhered waterproof membrane. Rubberit Spray grade SealRoof is a two part elastomeric emulsion which sets instantly enabling rapid backfilling. Being an emulsion based product, SealRoof  contains no solvents and can be applied to ICF foundation structures. A worker safe product, Rubberit Spray grade SealRoof is non-flammable, non-toxic and applied at ambient temperatures. Rubberit Spray grade SealRoof can be used to waterproof and protect all types of concrete form soil born chemicals and is not affected by soil bacteria.

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