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Marine Applications

The versatility of rubberit's  Liquid Rubber products allow for solutions for the marine industry that are unparalleled. Instant setting, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings offering excellent waterproofing features can be applied across many facets of the marine environment extending the life of structures and facilities while creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

SealRoof SealRoof Spay grade

On-shore building roof structures

Rubberit SealRoof applied as an ‘instant-setting’ fluid applied membrane provides cost effective waterproofing for all types of roof construction. Sprayed using a high volume – low pressure pump system, contractors can waterproof 500 sq.m. of roof surface per day. The cured Liquid Rubber SealRoof  membrane resists damage from salt water, acid rain, sun’s ultraviolet radiation and wind.

Rubberit SealRoof (Top Coat)  can be applied as a topcoat over Rubberit liquid SealRoof  rubber where an energy efficient colour roof waterproofing membrane is desired.

SealRoof  CreteSafe Texture

On-shore building warehouse flooring

Applied over concrete flooring in process and warehouse facilities, SealRoof  provides a protective wear-resistant coating in a range of colours. Applied over worn flooring  SealRoof  fills cracks and damage areas, restoring a new floor look. Where greater traction is required, Rubberit CreteSafe Texture containing a ‘grit’ additive, is recommended.


CreteSafe MetalSafe

Metal / concrete retaining walls

Rubberit MetalSafe provides excellent adhesion to steel, protecting the surface from corrosion caused by salt and water exposure. Spray applied in the liquid form, it cures producing a fully adhered, seamless membrane conforming to and sealing even the most complex structural shapes.

For protecting concrete retaining walls from water and salt damage, Rubberit CreteSafe provides a tough weather resistant membrane which resists damage from the sun’s UV rays. Both products combine ease of application with workplace and environmental safety.

MetalSafe,  Rubberit Brush-on Liquid Rubber Sealer

Mooring bumper structures

Rubberit MetalSafe  (spray applied) or  Rubberit Brush-on Liquid Rubber Sealer provide a tough waterproof and corrosion protective coating with excellent elasticity.

SealRoof , CreteSafe Texture, MetalSafe Spray grade

Vessel cargo hold and bilge liners, and decking surfaces

Rubberit MetalSafe  applied alone or in combination with Rubberit SealRoof  provides an excellent corrosion protective liner for cargo holds and bilges. Extensive ASTM testing has shown these coatings resist under-cutting, blistering and peel-back, and are resistant to a wide range of chemical products. Rubberit SealRoof, and CreteSafe Texture are also resistant to swelling in the presence of hydrocarbons.

All rubberit's Liquid Rubber spray applied liner products feature excellent adhesion and elasticity, allowing the cured coating to bridge small stress cracks in tank surface. For walking surfaces where good traction is required, such as wet and oily decks and companionways, select  Rubberit CreteSafe Texture – an easy to apply and clean non-skid coating.

SealRoof  MetalSafe Spay Grade

Exterior hull coatings

Applied to the exterior hulls of vessels, Rubberit MetalSafe  and SealRoof  protects the metal surface from rust and corrosion and improves maintenance associated with surface fouling. The coatings ability to resist under-cutting, prevents corrosion damage going undetected around damaged surfaces and its low surface tension properties, limits organism growth and makes anti-fouling significantly easier and safer.

SealRoof , CreteSafe Texture, MetalSafe Spray Grade

Off-shore drilling and production platforms

The rubberized and elastic properties of these products combined with their resistance to UV, salt and water damage, make them the ideal choice for metal protection in off-shore drilling and production platforms.

These coatings are easily and safely applied using an airless spray system in the dry dock facility and can be easily repaired at sea, using only a brush or paint roller. Their rubberized nature resists impact damage and facilitates bridging stress cracks and other metal fatigue problems.

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