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Agriculture Applications

Waterproofing Shower and Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems and showers are subject to constant humidity and water, waterproofing these systems is crucial to stopping rust and damage. Application of Rubberit’s Industrial grade or our spray grade will add years of service life to these systems sque.

Rubberit Brush-on Liquid Rubber Sealer

Waterproofing Greenhouses

Humidity and greenhouses go hand in hand, the tray tables and the table legs can be protected easily with Rubberit's VOC free membrane. The greenhouse tables and trays are cleaned then waterproofed using re-enforcing geo fabric when nessary. Using Rubberit's Brush-on Liquid Rubber Sealer,  the job can easily be accomplished in a couple of work days. Once cured the rubber membrane is waterproof & mould resistant. The cured surface can be cleaned easily with regular soap and water.

Waterproofing Manure Lagoons

Manure Lagoons are in use all over North America and Europe, they are a lower cost solution to digesters. Anaerobic digestion systems need to be sealed and free of leaks as this can pose a major health risk and environmental hazard.  Rubberit's liuid rubber provides a leak free seamless membrane solution for manure lagoons.


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