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Civil Engineering

Rubberit products excel as a waterproofing and corrosion protection membrane in many civil engineering applications. Bridges, tunnels, and dams are among the few applications that benefit from the high performance, flexible waterproof membrane that is easy and safely applied in projects worldwide.

MetalSafe Spray Grade

Bridge decks

Rubberit MetalSafe  is an effective 100% seamless and fully adhered bridge deck waterproofing product which is applied in liquid form and cures to a tough flexible membrane. Combining adhesion and elasticity, this bridge deck waterproofing coating resists cracking, peeling and water permeation.

Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade is asphalt based, and elastomer modified compound that strongly adheres to asphalt hot-mix. Being spray applied at ambient temperatures, the cured membrane is seamless and does not contribute to VOCs, and meets all safety standards.

MetalSafe Spray Grade

Tunnel liners systems

High performance seamless fully bonded waterproofing membrane ideal for sandwich construction between primary and secondary linings of sprayed concrete bored tunnels. Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade , a spray applied liner, waterproofs cut and cover tunnels, buried structures for vehicle, pedestrian traffic, and mine tunnels. Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade protects against water ingress, chlorides and sulphate corrosion.

Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade is an elastomeric membrane designed for application in confined spaces, having no odour, or VOCs and curing rapidly. Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade can be spray applied between primary and secondary layers of sprayed or cast concrete in tunnels and forms an excellent bond to both the substrate and subsequent cementitous materials applied onto it once cured.

SealRoof , Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade

Tank and earthen containment systems

Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade and SealRoof Top Coat surface coating and pond liners are elastomeric spray on coatings with excellent durability, excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance. Different formulas have been developed to cover a very wide variety of requirements from surface hardness to elongation. The liners can be applied over a wide range of plastic and geo textiles creating a fully adhered and seamless membrane to prevent leaks.

Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade

Canals and containment walls

Lining canals prevent precious water loss, structural deterioration and ingress of plant life. Earthen structures lined with concrete or shotcrete are protected with Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade a tough wear resistant elastomeric spray applied membrane, with excellent elasticity to bridge minor cracking which often occurs in concrete structures. Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade can be applied as the primary coating over the concrete or shotcrete. It exhibits excellent adhesion. Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade can also be applied over polyethylene or PVC sheeting sealing seams and providing a leak resistant seamless liner.

On containment walls Rubberit MetalSafe Spray Grade protects the concrete surface from water, waterborne and chemical contaminants. Its low permeability, excellent adhesion and elasticity make it ideal to prevent water damage and bridge stress cracks in the concrete.

CreteSafe, Brush-on liquid rubber sealer

Pre-cast pipe and concrete utility vaults

CreteSafe and Brush-on liquid rubber sealer protects concrete underground pipe and utility vaults from damage caused by water and soil borne chemicals. Spray applied CreteSafe or roller/brush applied Brush-on liquid rubber sealer form a low permeable, fully adhered membrane that seals out water for the concrete surface and is tough enough to resist damage from mechanical backfill and bacterial attack.

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