Liquid Rubber Products

CreteSafe spray applied membranes provide a tough flexible seal to the concrete and one that is self-healing.

Rubberit CreteSafe Acrylic Texture Coating is recommended where a decorative textured protective finish with good flexible properties is needed or where surface protection from intermittent water exposure, hydrocarbon or chemical spills is required. Rubberit CreteSafe Acrylic Texture Coating is a polymer modified acrylic emulsion formulated for application by brush, roller or squeegee. Applications include patios, balconies, pool decks, utility room floors and walkways.
ZAR 3600.00
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The excellent adhesion and elastomeric properties of MetalSafe prevents the membrane from tearing or separating from even rusted metals. Excellent for pipe protection. MetalSafe B-300™ applied over metal to waterproof and provide corrosion protection.

A high build sealant for waterproofing repairs. The excellent adhesion and elasticity of Rubberit's Brush-on sealer waterproof sealant, makes it an ideal choice for both the professional contractor and the do-it-yourself customer. Professional contractors have relied on Brush-on sealer to give them a durable sealant that adheres to all types of surfaces they encounter in both new construction and restoration projects.
ZAR 2880.00
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Rubberit TrowelGrade is a modified elastomeric asphalt emulsion specifically formulated as a trowel grade product where a watertight seal is required. It is suitable for use with building fixtures, pipes, walls and roofs.

Rubberit’s application equipment.
ZAR 55000.00
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4Kg Hamper Bags 375mm x 470mm / 1000
ZAR 4300.00
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2Kg Hamper Bags. 350mm x 350mm / 1000
ZAR 3350.00
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8Kg Hamper Bags. 390mm x 620mm / 1000
ZAR 6750.00
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