Typical product application examples

Roof waterproofing

New construction and re-waterproofing projects benefit with Liquid Rubber SealRoof B-200™ used for waterproofing by providing a seamless and fully adhered membrane which avoids the problems of leaks associated with factory manufactured sheeting. A durable industrial roof waterproofing membrane SealRoof B-200™ can be top coated with Liquid Rubber SealRoof A-100™ where a colored finished roof surface is required.

Industrial Applications SealRoof top coat, SealRoof spray grade

Mining Applications Liquid Rubber products are extremely suitable for the highly corrosive environment and strict water and fire requirements within most mining facilities. The anti-corrosion, waterproofing, fire and chemical resistant characteristics make Liquid Rubber products perfect for applications ranging from metal protection to tank liners to floor coatings. MetalSafe Liquid brush-on Rubber

Marine Applications The versatility of rubberit's  Liquid Rubber products allow for solutions for the marine industry that are unparalleled. Instant setting, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings offering excellent waterproofing featu

Agriculture Applications Waterproofing Shower and Irrigation Systems Irrigation systems and showers are subject to constant humidity and water, waterproofing these systems is crucial to stopping rust and damage. Application of Rubberit&rs

Civil Engineering Rubberit products excel as a waterproofing and corrosion protection membrane in many civil engineering applications. Bridges, tunnels, and dams are among the few applications that benefit from the high performance, flexible water

RVs and Autos No matter what your needs from 18 wheelers to modest sedan, our coatings help protect your most important investments, with commercial & DIY options on undercoatings, noise reduction, Truck bed Liners & under-bodies to RV roo
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